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ftwrth4618 How do you react “What have you gotten the tremors from? I have an essential tremor which can really get bad when I am…”
Dyenster Diving into darkness and destruction “I've never gotten deep into drugs, but I have been at a point when I just wanted to jump off…”
crazy-chick Stressed Out “So it nearly 4am U.K. Time. Still no sleep and now me and my husband have argued for the second…”
b5b5b5 Watching The Dog Show :D “I was never a small dog person until my pomeranian-chihuahua mix. I like Bc she is my best friend in…”
Tara12 Hypomania “Thanks, just wasn't actually sure if it could be so short-lived. Yeah I know when I have fleeting thoughts, super…”

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