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molly woppit So.... “I agree i tapered off lithium and seraquel so i could take tramadol as i had operation and im allergic…”
formermissworld Marijuana?? “My reply went up top. Essentially, my we have kappa and mu receptors too. That doesn't mean we should jump…”
Physis 4.0 Wishing Upon A Drunken Stork “(((Huggggs)))) !!!! Thank you <3”
bp2rapidCycling Finding day to day tasks difficult “Hi and welcome to the Bp forum. I can relate to your post. It important imo to have an outlet…”
HyPo-mAnia-C A Bit of R & R “Its going to be more than a dream! But it may take some time. I've got some property that has…”

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