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Madhatterpotts Low “Low, lower than low. Currently I am in a zombie state. Mind playing a film in my head how…”
Yoshitomo Quetiapine “Yes, that sounds about right for Seroquel (Quetiapine). Slows you way down...most people gain weight. The alternative is going manic…”
squirrelgirl17927 Meds “I'm in the same situation. My meds were losing their effectiveness (which usually happens every 2-3 years) and my psychiatrist…”
leanne s Can I keep this up “Well I don't really know how to word this so to give you an idea I will nick some song…”
cwebber1989 Do you take care of your own money? “So, I sold my old car yesterday. I didn't get much, only around 150, which is a lot of money…”

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