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So for years I had taken meds, and have one Un-successful relationship after another. No matter how hard I have tried. It seems that either the girl doesn't want to except bi-polar, or it becomes too much for them and they leave.
I was diagnosed as of last may as a self sustaining bi polar. I have the highest level of manic as well and have really come a long way. Being a self sustaining bi polar; I am off meds 100%, but doesn't mean the disorder is cured.
So coming back to relationships.. It just seems that I am horribly unsuccessful in it and one of my guy friends who is twice my age (he is 48) has told me multiple times that relationships are just too stressful for Manic bi polars. I assumed there might be a chance, but I have dated every type of girl in the world, and have become a little discouraged. My most recent ex was definitely, hands down my soulmate, and it appears that the bi polar won on that one. There were no real huge episodes. It just seems the needing space to calm down and occasional mood swings was something she couldn't handle.

So my question is… Has anyone with manic bi polar had a successful relationship beyond 5 years and how did they manage? Please no answers as (when you meet that person who can deal with it).
Thanks all, and happy new year!


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  • nbdyspshl
    nbdyspshl January 4, 2012 at 11:08 pm   

    Hi I've been bi polar my whole life bpd and slightly scizo I've been with my partner almost ten yrs part of that time I was in prison 3yrs. But still he has been there for me I've made him run away I've chased him away literally down the st. With a bat him holding my dog as he ran he is amazing I can't think of one thing I do for him that makes him stay but he loves me hates the crazy but loves me so I'm sorry the answer is they find you they have the ability to see inside past the insanity and love the person struggling to get out and if your really lucky they bring that person out give you a reason to be the best you can and love you when you fall short