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Swamp Thing Advocacy: Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month “I am not liking the peer support in my area - it seems to have been a way for the…”
zoezie Question “No but I really stayed 3 months I still don't why. I had minimum chance to live. I am a…”
Physis 4.0 Lost my uncle “Sympathies to you and your family during this time of your loss. I'm so sorry (((hugs))))”
Juliana Morrow Trigger Warning-Suicide Attempt “I second Physis, please don't blame yourself. You did not "give" this to her. It's life, and fortunately, she has…”
silentfear1252 Any success with neurontin “Yes I am on it I haven't really heard anything. I am also on invega. There are side effects to…”

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